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Traditionally bathrooms were purpose-built spaces centered around functionality, considered little more than a workhorse in the overall home design. Fortunately, we have moved past this type of thinking and bathrooms are now spaces where style and luxury are balanced perfectly with functionality. Brisbane bathroom designers have embraced the opportunity to celebrate this previously forgotten space in the home.

C&K Concepts have spent over a decade transforming dull and dated bathrooms into beautiful, relaxing spaces that add opulence and value to your home.

Modern bathroom with white bath and large shower niche
Blue herringbone bathroom tiles with a wooden vanity and white bath

Design is the Most Important Step in your Bathroom Renovation Project​

C&K Concepts prides itself on its ability to turn your bathroom renovation project around quickly. However, when it comes to perfecting your design we are happy to take as much time as you need to get your newly renovated bathroom perfect for you, your family, and your budget.

That said, more than 10 years in the Brisbane bathroom renovation business makes us experts at what we do and we will guide you quickly and effortlessly through the bathroom renovation process and craft your dream bathroom into a reality.

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Get it right from the start

Getting things right at the design stages saves you time and money in the long run. Popular finishes such as shower niches, floating vanities, and in-wall cisterns require planning and infrastructure at the earliest stages of your bathroom renovation project

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Streamline the logistics

Having the design right allows us to coordinate trades like plumbing, carpentry and electrical, to be onsite when they are needed. The tiler can’t lay your beautiful new tiles until the waterproofing has been completed, and waterproofing can’t be started until the carpenter has built the framework for your clever shower niche.

A clear design also enables us to quantify and order all the top-quality materials required to complete your bathroom renovation. Lucky for you, we take care of all of the logistics so your bathroom renovation project is seamless from start to finish. Considered design, is the blueprint to a successful bathroom renovation and C&K Concepts are committed to ensuring your bathroom remodel successfully delivers your dream. 

Black framed mirror above a black vanity unit with a white sink

The C&K Concepts Design Team are Experts in Bathroom Renovations

In our first meeting, we will discuss your vision in detail. It is helpful if you can provide pictures or samples that have inspired your ideas.

Taking into account all of your needs and desires and considering your budget and current layout, our experienced designers will create a bathroom design unique to you and your renovation project.

Once we have nailed the design and you are completely happy, we can lock in a build date and start choosing and ordering materials.

Bathroom Renovations of all Shapes and Sizes

Regardless of size and shape, your bathroom should offer a balance of practicality and serenity. Clever design considers natural light and airflow and balances those elements with functionality and styling to ensure your new bathroom is everything you want it to be.

Recent years have seen stylish bathrooms take on a new level of design. Inclusions like in-wall cisterns, frameless shower screens, and floating vanities deliver a sleek aesthetic that disguise the workings of an otherwise very functional space. 

Equally, traditional choices like claw-foot baths, brass fittings, and heirloom patterns on tile flooring, can give your bathroom a sense of history and class. 

White bathroom with black details featuring two sinks and mirrored wall unit
Stone colour bathroom tiles and white vanity in a new bathroom

Main Bathrooms

The main, or family bathroom is one of the hardest working spaces of your home. Often servicing multiple family members as well as guests and visitors. The design of your main bathroom should be carefully considered, especially if it is the only bathroom in your home. The layout should be practical and purposeful and allow more than one person to move in the space at any one time.

Consider hard-working finishes like large format porcelain tiles and easy-to-clean and maintain stone benchtops. Double vanity units will dual sinks are a great way to accommodate multiple family members and shower niches can hide family-sized collections of shampoos and conditioners. If the toilet is included in your bathroom, finding a way to separate the areas without sacrificing space enables both rooms to be utilised simultaneously.

Small Bathrooms

Homes built in an era when bathrooms were built purely for function, may not be blessed with the type of floor space that homeowners now desire. But limited space does not equate to limited design, in fact, the design is even more important in a small bathroom where elements need to be millimetre perfect. Small bathroom designs can also be beautiful bathroom designs, clever use of frameless shower screens, refined tiling, and considered ambient and task lighting can make a room feel larger and create the illusion of space and luxury.

Modern bathroom renovation after photo showing the shower and vanity area.
Mixed bathroom tiles in a modern bathroom with black details


Ensuites have evolved into beautiful extensions of the master suite, a private space to bathe and dress but also relax and reset. Where space allows, ensuites can include luxurious free-standing baths and indulgent double showers and vanities. Often smaller than the main bathroom, ensuites can be the place to splurge on a feature tile or light fixture or take a risk with colour or texture.

Guest Bathroom & Powder Room

Like ensuites, guest bathrooms, powder rooms, and separate toilets can be a place to have some fun with your design choices. Being used less often means they are less susceptible to wear and tear. It can be a great opportunity to experiment with a fun wallpaper or tile. If space is an issue a clever toilet with an in-cistern basin might be worth considering.

White bathroom with black features
Bright, white bathroom featuring toilet and two sinks

Wet Room

Wet rooms are a fairly recent and very popular trend to hit the Brisbane home design stage, they can create the illusion of space in your room by exposing a greater floor area. They can also save space by allowing a shower and bath to share a combined area defined by a single shower screen. Wet rooms, when executed well, portray high-end luxury and spa-like serenity, but good bathroom design by an experienced bathroom designer is key to getting a wet room just right. Optimised water flow and drainage need to be just right, and are vital to ensuring your bathroom is safe for everyone.

Brisbane Bathroom Renovations Experts

Grey bathroom with white and black accents

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Renovations

Still have questions? No problem! Check out a few of our answers to some frequently asked questions about our renovations, cost, and the services we provide.

It is easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by the bathroom design process. Before you begin, ask yourself what you most want to achieve with your bathroom renovation. More light? More space? A more on-trend aesthetic?  Having the answer to this question at the forefront of your design plan gives grounding to your completed design. With each decision you make, come back to your original goal and ensure your choices are on track.

When it comes to your bathroom design palette, you can actually start anywhere. You may have already found a beautiful feature tile or bathtub, that’s great, you can build your design from there. It’s a good idea to put together a mood board or a selection of photos of pieces and styles that you like. Keep editing your ideas until you have the look you are after. Remember, C&K has a team of expert designers who can help you finesse your ideas into your perfect bathroom renovation.

First, you will need to consider the bathroom layout. Will it change or stay the same? Do you need to move any doors or windows? This may require council and engineering approval and will most likely need a qualified builder.  

If the layout stays the same, it generally makes plumbing and electrical fit-out easier and won’t require any extra approval process. 

After the layout, comes plumbing and electrical design. 

The final stage of bathroom design is decoration, this is the fun bit, where you get to choose all the paint colours and tiles, and garnish your bathroom with beautiful fixtures and fittings.

No matter where you are in the design process, contact C&K. Bring your completed design, your loose ideas, or just a notion of renovation, and we will refine your thoughts and provide a full quote. 

Enhance your lifestyle with a modern, stylish bathroom.

With access to all the latest in bathrooms, the team at C&K Concepts can design, build and deliver your dream bathroom makeover.