Modern white bathroom with black vanity

A Guide To The Bathroom Renovation Process

Sometimes getting your bathroom renovated is the best way to bring comfort and style to one of the most functional and essential parts of your home. 

If you’ve been thinking about having your bathroom renovated, you might have some questions about the process. How long will it take? Do I need to prepare? What does the process entail and what can I expect to see? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this guide to the bathroom renovation process.

Grey bathroom tiles with white bath
Grey bathroom with white and black accents

Reaching Out—And What Happens Next

There are a lot of reasons you might be interested in renovations. Maybe something is damaged. Perhaps you want more out of your bathroom, or you’re looking for more comfort and luxury. Whatever the case, we’re here to help, and with over 16 years of experience, we can make your dream bathroom a reality. 

You may already have certain renovations in mind, or you might not even know where to start. Either way, you can reach out easily by phone or online, and we’ll help you get started. Once you’ve reached out, we’ll arrange a visit where we can come discuss your ideas and how to best bring them to fruition. Then we’ll construct a quote with an easy-to-understand breakdown of costs, and after that, we’ll begin constructing your new bathroom.

A Timeline

You might be wondering how long renovations will take. After all, your bathroom is important! It’s a private space and a crucial part of your home. That’s why we’ve perfected the practice and we can finish your new bathroom in only 14 days.

It won’t be a rush job either; with our highly trained team of professionals, there’s no need to sacrifice quality for speed. We can do both. We adhere to all building codes and all of our tradespeople are insured and qualified—meaning your new bathroom will be safe, up to code, beautiful, and finished quickly.

Black and white bathroom with chrome accessories

Safety Precautions And Cleanliness

During the process of renovating your bathroom, you might have some safety or cleanliness concerns—these are common renovation worries. That’s why we’ve taken extreme care to ensure that we carry out the renovation process as safely, efficiently, and carefully as possible. 

We’ll be using extractor fans in order to minimise the amount of dust present during the process. We’ll also protect your flooring, using drop sheets whenever possible, and our team will be wearing protective boot covers to ensure the spread of dust and debris is minimised as well as to maintain the integrity of your floors. 

We also encourage you to close any central air vents or nearby doors if you’re concerned about spreading dust, and to move away any items you’re particularly concerned about. 

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, and your safety and happiness are our top priorities.

White bathroom with chrome details

Getting Started

The first thing we’ll do once we start construction is demolition and setting a solid plan of action. We’ll begin by removing old unwanted parts of your bathroom. During the process, we’ll be taking extensive careful notes of where electrical lines and plumbing fit in the bathroom and how everything will go back together as we construct your new, improved bathroom.

Making Big Moves

You may want things rearranged, removed, or replaced. If you need a toilet, bath, or vanity moved, this is when we’ll begin to move them. We’ll carefully cut into the concrete slab beneath to remove them and take note of how plumbing was configured so we can begin the process of reconfiguring your plumbing to accommodate the new locations of these items.

Depending on your renovation plans, we may reconfigure your plumbing—removing old plumbing and installing new fittings as needed, to ensure that we can install or reinstall your bath, vanity, shower, or toilet where it belongs.


When we think of bathrooms, the first thing to come to mind might be plumbing. But your wiring is also crucial to your comfort in a bathroom. Having safe and accessible power points, effective lighting and well-placed fixtures will keep your bathroom comfortable, beautiful, and usable. 

So, after the demolition and planning process, we’ll work on wiring, making sure to adhere strictly to code and safety regulations. This will ensure that your new bathroom will be as safe and reliable as it is beautiful and comfortable. Depending on your needs and plans, we’ll add new wiring, move power points and light switches, and make sure that your new wiring is safe and reliable as we get ready to install the rest of your new bathroom.

White bathroom with black vanity unit

Building Your New Bathroom

Once we’ve ensured that your wiring and plumbing are properly configured and installed, and we’ve made a plan of action for new installations and moves, it’s time to start building back up again. You’ll see your bathroom transform from the ground up and your vision come to fruition during this time.

Installing Carpentry And Checking Insulation

This is when you might first see your new bathroom begin to take shape. Depending on your renovation plans we might install new walls, ledges, door frames, seats, and other high quality components of your bathroom to meet your vision. At this stage you may not recognise your bathroom anymore—and that’s probably a good thing. 

Nobody likes to be cold or uncomfortable in their own bathroom. That’s why at this stage, we might also work on your insulation. We’ll make sure that your walls and ceilings are well insulated so that you won’t need to worry about being cold in the bathroom no matter the season.

Sound Waterproofing

We probably don’t need to tell you that bathrooms can get wet. That’s why we’ll carefully make sure that everything we install is properly lined and as water resistant as possible. We’ll be using exceptional quality products and materials that can stand up to water exposure, so you won’t need to worry about unnecessary future water damage in or around your new bathroom.

Two arch mirrors with black frame above white sinks
Bathroom shower niche in a white bathroom
Black framed mirrors above white sinks in a modern bathroom

Installing Tiling

Tiles are a beautiful and functional part of many bathroom projects. Depending on your vision, we may have already removed old tiles, and we may be installing new ones for the first time. Whether you’re opting for new tile floors, a tiled shower, or even tile backing behind your vanity—we’ve got you covered. 

The Important Details

As your new bathroom is beginning to coalesce, we’ll be focusing on important details that will bring everything together. We’ll install new mirrors and shower screens after taking diligent measurements to ensure they’ll fit properly. Finally, we’ll begin painting. This is the last step of construction for a reason. Painting last ensures that the risk of damaging the new paint from construction is minimal. 

White bathroom with black features

Cleaning Up

Though we’ll be carefully avoiding spreading dust and debris the entire time we’re working, this is when we’ll perform our final cleanup. We’ll make sure that any rubbish, dust, debris, and anything else leftover is removed so we can leave your new bathroom spotless. 

Light bathroom aesthetic featuring large shower cubicle, white angular bath and two sinks


Completely transforming a bathroom in just two weeks is no small task—and a lot goes into it. If you’re planning a renovation or thinking about one, you may have been wondering exactly what to expect, and what will go into this process. To answer any questions you might have about the process we’ve put together this guide to the bathroom renovation process. If you need help getting started on bathroom renovations, don’t hesitate to give us a call or connect online

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