long wall niche in modern bathroom photograph

LED Strip Lighting

Adding luxurious finishes to your bathroom is key to creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

By installing LED Strip Lighting, you can create an expensive feel to one of the most important rooms in your home. Whether you choose to add the strip lighting to your shower niche, behind your mirror or underneath your floating vanity, it can be a relatively simple and cost-effective way of adding class to your bathroom.

Lighting assists in creating mood in your bathroom and thus it is a vital component of creating the right atmosphere and design aesthetic.

Photograph of a modern bathroom with a white bath and grey wall tiles

Frameless Shower Screen

Bathrooms tend to be confined rooms, and thus maximising your space is a significant factor to ensuring you have a luxurious bathroom.

Whilst layout is an important component to this, your finishes can play a huge part in having a free-flowing room. A frameless shower screen is one of the easiest ways to create the feeling of a large space. The lack of edging and barriers allows our brains to see straight through the screen as if it weren’t even there.

Frameless shower screens are incredibly popular in contemporary houses and would be a wonderful addition to any bathroom.

Shower niche with a herringbone tile background next to a black shower unit.

Shower Niche

Creating space in a bathroom is one of the greatest ways to create a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere.

By utilising the space in its maximum capacity, you can ensure that your bathroom has enough storage for the whole family. By spending some time in the initial planning stages and deciding on an inbuilt shower niche, you are adding shelving into your bathroom that tucks away your toiletries. No more slipping over the half-empty shampoo bottle, no more bending down to grab the moisturiser and banging your head into a shower frame.

We can maximise your space through our luxurious finishes.

White bathroom vanity unit in a modern bathroom

Floating Vanity

Contemporary design in a bathroom is a wonderful way to upscale the value of your home.

By implementing functional storage with a modern design twist, a floating vanity is a fashionable choice for your bathroom. The floating effect not only looks luxurious, but also creates the illusion of more space by elevating the view of the bathroom further up the walls.

Simple and elegant design choices can make your bathroom feel spacious as well as contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Dark wooden vanity unity with a white sink and toilet

In-Wall Cistern

Advanced planning is key to creating a stylish bathroom.

By choosing to install an in-wall cistern, you can hide the plumbing system and take a sleek and modern approach to your bathroom. Less is more in this case, and by hiding this piece of porcelain you are creating a spacious and contemporary space that delivers on quality as much as it does on aesthetic.

If a toilet isn’t the centre piece of your bathroom, by concealing as much of it as possible we are able to deliver an exceptionally polished finish. Call C&K Concepts!

Enhance your lifestyle with a modern, stylish bathroom.

With access to all the latest in bathrooms, the team at C&K Concepts can design, build and deliver your dream bathroom makeover.