Bathroom Styling Guide: Make your bathroom renovations shine

Bathroom Styling Guide: Make your bathroom renovations shine

Your bathroom plays a big role in your daily routine. It’s where you get ready for the day, wash the day off, and often, relax and find some quiet time. 

So, it’s pretty important that it’s a place that you enjoy being in. While there are loads of styling options that’ll add some pizzazz to your bathroom, you can’t go past a bathroom renovation to totally transform the room.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re styling your new bathroom.
Here are our top ideas and considerations for your bathroom renovation.

White bathroom accessories close-up
Light bathroom aesthetic featuring large shower cubicle, white angular bath and two sinks

Contemporary bathroom renovation trends we’re loving

In Brisbane and Queensland more broadly, a contemporary bathroom design will work whether you’re in a traditional Queenslander, a beachside home, or a modern space.

Matte black fixtures

These matte black fixtures have seen a dramatic rise in popularity for their stunning style. They provide both an elegance to your bathroom design and a slight edge.  The neutral colour means these fixtures are adaptable to a variety of designs and aesthetics and they’ll bring out any earthy tones or colours in the design.

Two black sinks, white counter top and black draws in a modern bathroom

LED strips

An LED strip adds another dimension of depth to your bathroom design. These lights bring an elegant and luxurious touch to your bathroom renovationLED strips highlight the other fixtures in your home, as an example, an LED strip surrounding a mirror will provide a floating illusion.

Modern white bath in a bathroom renovation after photo

Shower niches

We absolutely love shower niches. These eliminate the need for additional glass shelving in your shower while seriously maximising space.

Grey bathroom with black details featuring a shower and wall niche
Grey bathroom with black details featuring a shower and wall niche
Door open to reveal a modern dark grey bathroom

Floating vanities

A floating vanity adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom renovation and creates the illusion of additional space. We love these for the additional space they create. Pop storage baskets underneath these to maximise your space.

Wooden vanity with white sink and mirrored unit.

Rain showerheads

These showerheads look amazing in any new bathroom but they’re so practical as well. Rain showerheads provide a larger surface area of water for a more luxurious shower experience.

Black and white bathroom with chrome accessories

Frameless shower screens

A frameless shower screen is an amazing way to maximise space in your bathroom without compromising on luxury. These are the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom renovation.

White vanity and mirrored units in a bathroom

Timeless bathroom renovation looks

A Hamptons style home, a traditional Queenslander in Brisbane, or a modern-style home. The beauty of timeless designs is that they’re just that: timeless.

Stone finishes

If you’re going for timeless elegance – and have the budget – a natural stone will seriously lift your bathroom renovation.

Neutral colour palettes

Neutral colours like white, cream, black, charcoal and even browns and timber all form stunning neutral colour palettes. The beauty of these colour palettes is that they never go out of style and they work to complement bold statement colours in your bathroom. We love a navy blue or forest green for a timeless statement colour.

Subway tiles & Penny tiles

You could be forgiven for thinking that subway tiles and penny tiles have both just risen to popularity in recent years.  Both of these tile designs actually date back to the 1900s. Subway tiles provide a bright, clean look for your bathroom.  Meanwhile, penny tiles will create a neutral colour palette in your bathroom while adding texture and depth.

White subway tiled bathroom with black accessories

Chrome fixtures

Polished chrome fixtures like taps and faucets will never go out of style. These timeless fixtures pair amazingly with a white tile.

Getting your bathroom vanity just right

Your bathroom vanity is an important space. It’s where we spend a lot of time getting ready for the day ahead and recouping after a long day. 

So, it’s important to make sure this space is stunning and functional. 

Which items do you use every day that you’d like to store on top of the vanity? You don’t want to be working out where the space is later on. Have an idea before you select your vanity.

Who will be using the vanity? If the bathroom is intended for the whole family, a double basin vanity is going to prevent a lot of headaches (and arguments).

Functional considerations for your bathroom renovation

Towel rack placement

Good design is in the details. While the placement of your towel rack may seem like a tiny detail, it’s actually a big, functional consideration for your bathroom. In smaller bathrooms and ensuites, there might not be a lot of spare real estate for your towel rack. 

Popping your rack on the outside of the shower door or behind the bathroom door is a functional solution but may not suit the look you’re after. Another solution is to place this rack inside the shower, however, you’ll need a longer than standard shower to pull this off — without damp towels at least.

We love adding a ladder into your bathroom. It provides loads of space for hanging towels while acting as decor in your new bathroom.

White bath and vanity in a modern bathroom

Children and family considerations

The fixtures you choose will have a big impact on function. Especially for little ones.

If your children need to use the space, a mixer tap may be easier for them to use. On the other hand, you may want to opt for a traditional three-piece tap over the bathtub to avoid any bath mishaps. 

It’s important to think about who will be using the space and make design selections that suit everyone.

Power Points

Your power points are a big consideration for your bathroom renovation

Consider the space in your bathroom, your vanity, and its drafted placement. Then work out what appliances you’ll need to keep on the vanity and where a power point might best be placed.

Remember, you don’t want your hair straightener or hair dryer’s cord to knock over your electric toothbrush’s charging station.

Finishing touches for your bathroom

We have no doubt your new bathroom renovation will look absolutely stunning but there are a few small, finishing touches that’ll pull the space together. We love hanging plants, bathtub trays, and storage baskets for functional yet stunning additions to your new bathroom.

At C&K Concepts, we absolutely love completing Brisbane bathroom renovations. Get in touch with us to discuss your transformation.

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