White bathroom aesthetic featuring a large wall mirror and chrome towel rail.

All you need to know about the best in bathroom lighting

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s the place that you spend time getting ready in at the start of the day, and the place that you will choose to unwind in at the end of the day with a refreshing shower or bath. That’s why it’s crucial to know as much as possible about different bathroom lighting options and which one will be right for you. After all, we’ve all experienced harsh bathroom lighting or lighting that is too dim, making it difficult to see properly.

Your bathroom lighting will ensure that you have sufficient light to get ready in the morning or that there’s enough light to see when the sun has gone down. The lighting that you choose for your bathroom can also shape the aesthetic and style of your bathroom, so it’s important to think carefully about your lighting decision.

Blue herringbone bathroom tiles with a wooden vanity and white bath
White vanity and mirrored units in a bathroom

The different types of bathroom lighting

One of the most important aspects of bathroom lighting to understand is that it can be separated into three main categories. There’s general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Selecting the right lighting fixtures and bulbs for each category is a big task and one that many people don’t give enough attention to. That’s why we’ve clearly explained what each lighting category means and how it will impact your space.

You may already have certain bathroom renovations in mind, or you might not even know where to start. Either way, you can reach out easily by phone or online, and we’ll help you get started. Once you’ve reached out, we’ll arrange a visit where we can come discuss your ideas and how to best bring them to fruition. Then we’ll construct a quote with an easy-to-understand breakdown of costs, and after that, we’ll begin constructing your new bathroom.

General lighting

Task lighting

Task lighting is better known as lighting that is needed for you to complete certain tasks. As an example, trying to apply makeup in a dimly lit room is going to be hard to achieve. This also applies to shaving your beard or any other task that requires more light and focus to accomplish effectively.

The best task lighting is often found around vanity mirror lights. Big, well-lit vanity mirrors can make all the difference to your bathroom lighting. You’ll find that hotels often have incredibly bright vanity lights so that their guests are able to complete the rituals described above to the best of their ability. You may have noticed makeup artists will usually have massive vanity light bulbs surrounding their mirrors. This is so they’re able to see clearly, no matter the location.

The same goes for your bathroom lighting, as there’s no point in having a row of beautiful ceiling lights if you’re going to constantly have poor visibility when shaving. It’s a great idea to get professional advice on what task lighting would suit your bathroom space the best.

wall niche with chrome details in bathroom

Accent lighting

Accent lighting probably sounds familiar to you, and for good reason. Accent lighting can be found all around you, from the gorgeously ornate chandelier hanging in a foyer to the intricate chrome sconces hanging around a mirror. Accent lighting is what allows people to become more creative with their lighting fixtures, as these are typically used only for decorative purposes.

If you’ve always had grand ideas of having beautiful and unique accent lighting to complement the rest of your bathroom lighting, this gives you that chance to let loose and discover exactly what lighting you’ve always envisioned. If your bathroom has more of a modern aesthetic, you can install some matt black or brushed gold accent lighting fixtures. 

Or if it's more of a traditional bathroom style, an eye-catching glass pendant light could make for stunning additional lighting.

White bathroom with black and chrome features

Lighting a bathroom vanity mirror

Your bathroom vanity lights are incredibly important to the overall functionality and feel of your bathroom. Being able to see clearly and, even more importantly, being lit up by the correct colour temperature is what makes intentionally choosing your vanity lights a necessary step.

Where to place vanity lights

There are many options when trying to choose the best placement for your new vanity lights. Wall lighting is ideal as it allows for the light to be evenly distributed. This can be achieved with a beautifully back-lit mirror, casting an even glow all around.

The harshest lighting, and the one that is recommended to avoid, is installing top-down lighting. This type of lighting will cast harsh lighting on your face and can make makeup application a difficult process.

Depending on your renovation plans, we may reconfigure your plumbing—removing old plumbing and installing new fittings as needed, to ensure that we can install or reinstall your bath, vanity, shower, or toilet where it belongs.

The perfect light colour

The colour of your vanity lights can make a world of difference. It can elevate a space from bleak and cold to warm and elegant. Natural light is always the best source of bathroom lighting, but we understand that this is not always an option. To select lightbulbs that are the closest to natural lighting, a temperature between 2700-4000K will be the best choice.

Another great additional lighting feature that adds value immediately to your bathroom is installing a light dimmer. This allows for complete control over your bathroom lighting and will ensure that you are able to illuminate your bathroom or ensuite as much as you desire.

So, after the demolition and planning process, we’ll work on wiring, making sure to adhere strictly to code and safety regulations. This will ensure that your new bathroom will be as safe and reliable as it is beautiful and comfortable. Depending on your needs and plans, we’ll add new wiring, move power points and light switches, and make sure that your new wiring is safe and reliable as we get ready to install the rest of your new bathroom.

Wood framed mirror over a wooden vanity with white sink and gold accessories.

Outlining options for your dream bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting options are vast and can cater to any aesthetic or style. There is a vast range of lighting options to choose from, and it can simply feel overwhelming to know what they all are. We’ve laid it out clearly below so that you can have full confidence when choosing your perfect lighting.

Flush mount lights

These lighting features are a dream for a smaller bathroom or powder room as they are typically only one light that can sit nicely against the ceiling to avoid cluttering the ceiling.

Shower lighting

This type of lighting is mostly decorative as it is utilised to illuminate the bathroom via the shower head. Usually achieved with LED lights, this style of bathroom lighting can complement a bathroom aesthetic quite nicely.hat bathrooms can get wet. That’s why we’ll carefully make sure that everything we install is properly lined and as water resistant as possible. We’ll be using exceptional quality products and materials that can stand up to water exposure, so you won’t need to worry about unnecessary future water damage in or around your new bathroom.


Downlights are perhaps one of the most recognisable names regarding lighting found in a bathroom. That’s due to the fact that they are a great place to start and can be placed intentionally on ceilings or other areas to provide a beautiful glow.

Wall lighting

These styles of lights are perfect for lighting up a vanity space and will deliver excellent task lighting as well as an aesthetic to suit any bathroom.


Whenever chandeliers are brought to mind, you immediately think of elegance and opulence. To add a touch of class and elevate your bathroom lighting to the next level, consider installing a stunning chandelier to complement a bathroom space or ensuite.

Black framed arch mirrors in a white and black bathroom
White bathroom with black details and a pink towels
new bathroom sink white and wood finish

Strip lights

Strip lights have made huge advancements in the past few years and are now being looked at as lighting decorations in bathrooms across the nation. They are small, easily customisable and have an appropriate IP rating, making them an ideal candidate to be placed in bathrooms. You can have strip lights installed as ceiling lights to assist with mood lighting or can be placed behind a vanity for that extra touch.

Pendant lights

A pendant light can be used as a great way to achieve both task and accent lighting. Regardless of the application, these stylish and modern pieces will immediately intrigue and delight a visitor to your bathroom. Depending on the IP rating, a hanging pendant light will offer a sense of elegance to any bathroom.

White bathroom with black vanity unit

Lighting up one of the most important rooms in your house

Throughout Australia, bathrooms are one of the most commonly used areas in the home. Choosing the right lighting elements to complement your aesthetic is crucial as it can make all the difference. Luckily, with a wide range of lights now available, simply selecting the right lights for your bathroom has become significantly easier.

No matter your style, aesthetic or personal taste, there will bathroom lighting options that will appeal to you. It might be a dramatic chandelier as a centrepiece or some natural light downlights that cast a soft glow around the room. It’s your room to unwind from the pressures and stresses of everyday life, and the lighting creates the perfect ambience and atmosphere for you to relax.

If you want to chat about what your dream bathroom lighting looks like for your next renovation, get in touch with our friendly team today for expert and professional advice.

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