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The Top 9 House Renovations Trends Brisbane is Loving This Year

With the new year in full swing, many people are choosing to update the look and feel of their homes. Following design gurus on social media, it’s exciting to observe the different trends in interior design that dominate the market each year.

If you live in the sunshine capital of Australia and have been dreaming of giving your home a makeover, read on for inspiration on house renovations in Brisbane and what’s trending this year. Let these nine design tips lead you to a simple and all-round positive home renovation experience.

1. Earthy tones

In decades past, many home renovators opted for modern designs showcasing cool and neutral shades of grey and white. This year the trend that saw 2022 flaunt natural palettes – such as deep olive green and rich ochre brown – is gaining traction.

Home décor specialists have discovered that brown is one of the most overlooked but beautiful colours for house interiors. Creating these warmer tones can be achieved via the use of natural wood or even timber-look porcelain tiles.

In line with this, the design term “dopamine decorations” endeavours to instil a more positive mood in home-owners, with vibrant bursts of colour in carefully selected furnishings, art and ornamental pieces displayed throughout the home.

For visually uplifting bedroom renovations in Brisbane, try contrasting these cheerful designs and tones with plain white walls to really make them pop.

Blush pink, gold and white aesthetic in a bathroom renovation. Shot of the vanity unit.
TV cabinet

2. Distinctive shapes and textures

The grand yet cosy atmosphere that pairs geometric designs such as chequered tiles with curved furniture will see this trend skyrocket this year. With the long architectural history of symmetrical patterns, the overall theme of contemporary or traditional may come down to your colour palette and choice of lighting.

Embracing materials that offer your interior the quality of texture to add what’s referred to as “visual weight”, such as limewash paint or raised mosaic tiles, is another way to jazz up an otherwise plain design scheme. Whilst once reserved solely for feature walls, the current fashion is to sprinkle a little bit of tactile texture throughout the house in the form of fabric, wood or stone for added character.

3. Accent walls

While timeless in its visual appeal, the inclusion of an accent wall in the home is ever-on-trend as a cost-effective way to update any space. Making their debut as a low-risk investment, styles of accent walls have been constantly reinvented and moulded to suit any aesthetic.

For many decades, using wallpaper with unique designs was one way to experiment with bright colours and striking patterns whilst creating a focal point in a room.

Now such accents are being used in fresh and inventive ways for both interior and exterior walls, including the use of exposed brick, concrete and natural stone. This can add personality to an otherwise incomplete space, draw attention to an architectural feature or even cover up a design flaw!

Exposed brick bathroom

4. Sustainable elements

With green energy all the rage, one cannot deny that a sustainable home is where it’s at in 2023. Homeowners across the globe are more eco-aware than ever and this extra demand has put interior designers’ chosen elements to the test.

We are talking renewable energy, sustainable fabrics and fixtures that encourage a more conscious way of living, including water purification systems, water-saving showerheads and chlorine-reducing tap fittings in the bathroom. For ideas on where to get started on bathroom renovations in Brisbane, have a look at the services we offer here.

If you are starting from scratch or building extensions, carefully consider the angle of each wall, door and window to ensure maximum natural sunlight and airflow abound. Installation of solar panels, a rainwater tank, veggie patches or a worm farm outside can turn a barren block of unused land into any new-age renovator’s paradise.

5. Statement stone

Why allow surfaces to blend into the background? They can say as much as your choice of wall paint or flooring. With the modern manufacture of affordable porcelain tiles that can pose as any natural stone, showing off “stone” in your home is no longer a luxury reserved for the more affluent.

The bold display of a piece of stone somewhere in the property where it is highlighted is what designers refer to as “statement stone”. One such example of up-and-coming kitchen renovations in Brisbane is marble, which serves to provide an elegant look to the heart of the home.

Old fashioned decor sofa

6. Nanna’s furnishings

If you look back at the house your grandparents lived in, you may be filled with fondness and nostalgia. The good news is, although modern minimalism may once have regarded this style as old-fashioned, traditional furniture and décor are slowly re-emerging as an actual design trend. You read that right – your grandma’s house is becoming cool.

While it may still take time for this look to really re-surface, there’s no need to shy away from the old-school sofas, lamps and classic art pieces. If done right, these elements can make a space feel more inviting and give off a cosy, lived-in vibe that is sure to charm any visitor. It’s just one of many options for your living room renovations in Brisbane.

7. Chic home offices

With COVID lockdowns seeing the office environment look very different, there has been an emphasis on a dedicated home office in interior design planning. With more people working remotely or hybrid, flexible office hours are now a priority for company employees and entrepreneurs alike.  

Whilst a study space in the home is no new concept, the idea here is to allow for calmness of mind whilst incorporating features that add style and functionality. From high-speed Wi-Fi and a multitude of power outlets to sleek furniture and lighting that boosts productivity, the home offices of 2023 are all about combining innovation with comfort. Space-saving minimalism meets pops of colour to inspire creativity during those hours spent at the desk or in Zoom meetings.

Home Renovation Plans
Home office

9. Nature inspo

In a bid to make their spaces appear more welcoming, relaxing and unique, homeowners are incorporating elements of the outdoors into their homes. “Biophilic design” is a term used to describe an indoor/ outdoor environment; an intuitive way of including objects found in nature inside to enhance wellbeing.

Lockdowns in past years prevented some of us from even visiting parks when we desired, making this sensory expression more widespread, with an emphasis on an experience that fosters a connection to the natural environment.

Turning to nature for design solutions is illustrated by objects and features, including skylights, living walls covered in live greenery, the presence of water fountains or fishponds, live tree trunks growing in the middle of a room, large crystal showpieces and of course, air-purifying house plants.

With the pandemic leading to more time spent at home, the last couple of years have focused on utility, maximisation of space and comfort as never seen before. Although renovating your home is known to be stressful, with a little expert help for your home renovations in Brisbane, it doesn’t have to be. 

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